7 Design Hacks to Turn Your Small Laundry Room Into a Chic Oasis

Hugo Anderson

A birdseye view of a small laundry room transformed into a chic

Laundry rooms often end up as cramped, cluttered spaces – the last room we think of when imagining a stylish, inviting area in our homes. But what if that neglected room could become a beautiful sanctuary where we enjoy spending time?

According to a recent survey, over 65% of homeowners feel their laundry room needs more extensive and organized. However, even the most modest spaces can be transformed entirely with some clever solutions.

This article will explore seven ingenious hacks to turn your tiny laundry room into a chic oasis that blends aesthetics and functionality seamlessly. From space-saving storage ideas to decorative touches, these tips will help you reimagine your laundry room as a stylish, efficient, and enjoyable space.

Rethinking the Small Laundry Room

Laundry rooms have often been treated as purely utilitarian spaces – out of sight and mind. But as we spend more time at home, a beautifully designed laundry sanctuary can make our domestic duties more enjoyable.

A closeup of floating shelves above a washer and dryer holding glass

The key is embracing the functionality of the space while elevating the design. This means making the laundry workflow smooth and creating an ambiance using color, lighting, storage solutions, and decorative details that delight the senses.

“A well-designed laundry room isn’t just about clean clothes. It’s about enjoying a space you thought was only meant for folding.” – Hugo, Home Designer.

The following hacks showcase how to transform small laundry rooms with solutions for maximizing every inch while never compromising style.

Maximize Vertical Storage

In a small laundry room, it’s essential to utilize every available vertical space with shelves, cabinets, and racks to prevent a cluttered floor.

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Wall-Mounted Cabinetry

Installing wall cabinets, open shelving, and hanging racks maximizes storage nooks and crannies. Place frequently used laundry essentials, supplies, and appliances within easy reach. Use upper cabinets for lesser-used items or seasonal products.

Choose storage fixtures that align with your preferred aesthetic – modern floating shelves, vintage wall cabinets, or rustic wood racks. Ensure all items have a designated home.

Retractable Drying Racks

Make the most of vertical air space with retractable ceiling-mounted racks for drying delicates safely out of the way. Choose sturdy racks with a high weight capacity that can fold flush to the ceiling when unused.

A compact space showcasing a wallmounted folddown ironing board with a chic

Over-the-Door Storage

Utilize the back of the door to hang laundry bags, ironing boards, shoe organizers, or mesh shelves ideally suited for detergents. Install storage racks firmly using the provided hardware to prevent accidents.

Multi-Functional Furniture

When dealing with limited square footage, furniture that multitasks is essential. These clever solutions offer extra storage and functionality that streamline laundry day.

Storage Bench

Benches provide seating to make folding clothes more comfortable while concealing bins perfect for sorting lights and darks. Lift-up lids reveal hidden storage for detergents, supplies, and small appliances.

Fold-Down Ironing Centers

Installing a fold-down ironing board and storage combo means your ironing station disappears when unused. Choose a heat-resistant ironing surface and a large cabinet to house your iron, steamer, and starch.

A cozy corner of a laundry room with a storage ottoman under

Rolling Utility Cart

A rolling cart adds flexibility, allowing you to easily transport laundry from the machine to a folding table or rack on durable wheels. Opt for a cart with multiple levels to transport supplies around the house.

Create an Inviting Ambiance

Design and lighting choices make all the difference in transforming a small, dark room into a bright, welcoming space where you enjoy spending time.

Uplighting and Track Lighting

Install adjustable track lighting or sconces above eye level to create uplighting that makes ceilings appear higher. Under cabinet lighting illuminates countertops for meal prep and folding.

Vibrant Color Scheme

Paint the walls or cabinetry in cheerful, vibrant hues like aqua, yellow, or green for an energizing ambiance. Crisp white trims prevent darker colors from closing in the space.

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A detailed view of a pullout laundry hamper integrated into custom cabinetry

Patterned Floor

Liven up a dull concrete floor using peel-and-stick tiles or a vibrant patterned vinyl rug perfect for protecting floors from drips and stains. The visual interest makes small rooms far more intriguing.

“Incorporating artwork and decorative objects with personal meaning turns a functional space into a beloved sanctuary.” – Hugo

Creative Storage Solutions

Taking advantage of often overlooked or awkward areas in your laundry room prevents clutter from taking over and expands your storage capacity.

Corner Shelving

Install storage solutions in wasted corners, like angled chrome shelves perfect for neatly stacking folded towels or corner countertop carousels for organizing laundry pods, gloves, and brushes.

Magnetic Knife Strips

Usually reserved for kitchens, magnetic strips offer convenient storage for small metal items like scissors, safety pins, and snaps along the side of cabinets or walls—group items by type for easy access.

A laundry room featuring a cheerful lightcolored theme with undercabinet LED lights

Wall-Mounted Drying Ladder

Air dry delicates and small items on a wall-mounted wooden ladder with stainless steel dowels. Position near a heat vent to utilize warm air and speed up drying time. Use spring clamps for extra security.

Space-Saving Appliances

Upgrading appliances is one of the most impactful ways to expand your functional space. Compact laundry pairings maximize room for folding, ironing, and sorting necessities.

Stacked Units

Stackable washer-dryer units with a small footprint allow you to double your laundry capacity without claiming extra floor area. Front-load washers require less room for opening and closing doors.

Washer-Dryer Combos

All-in-one washer-dryer combo units significantly reduce space requirements and may operate more quietly due to having a shared motor. However, wash and dry cycles must run consecutively.

A minimalist laundry room featuring wallmounted open shelving filled with wicker baskets

Pedestal Drawers

Raise front-load washers and dryers on storage pedestal drawers, providing a more comfortable height for loading and unloading. Use the deep drawers for detergents, supplies, and small appliances.

Personalize with Plants and Art

Infuse personality into your laundry sanctuary using greenery, artwork, or decorative objects that make you smile each time you fold and sort.

Hanging Plants

Add life with trailing ivy, air plants, or small herb gardens. Consider installing grow lights if your room lacks adequate sunlight from a window. Choose plants well-suited to humidity.

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Photo Gallery Wall

Display favorite family photos, art prints, or inspiring quotes in identical frames against a painted accent wall for visual interest. Coordinate frame finishes for a polished look.

A modern spacesaving stackable washer and dryer set in a small laundry

“I love seeing the beautiful memories and objects special to our family while folding laundry. It infuses my day with joy.” – Carla, Working Mom.

Fruit Drying Rack

Repurpose a wooden fruit drying rack above the washer-dryer set for displaying succulents, decorative bottles, or perfume trays that add personality without taking up valuable counter space.

Stay Organized

An organized laundry room minimizes frustration and makes maintaining the space much more accessible so you can genuinely enjoy the sanctuary you’ve created.

Sorting Station

Designate a counter space or tabletop as a sorting area with bins, shelves, and baskets labeled for lights, darks, and delicates. Keep detergents and supplies within arm’s reach.

Wall-Mounted Drying Rack

Install a sturdy stainless steel wall-mounted drying rack that folds flush when unnecessary. Use for delicates and small items that tumble dry quickly.

A neatly organized shelf labeled with stylish handwritten tags for detergents softeners

Concealed Ironing Board

Hideaway an ironing board inside a floor-to-ceiling cabinet to maintain a streamlined look when not ironing. Use magnetic strips and hooks to store your iron safely.

Transform Your Laundry Room Today

Reimagining a small, cramped laundry room into a beautiful sanctuary that seamlessly blends form and function is simpler than you think. You can upgrade your space to enjoy doing laundry with creative organization, storage, and style solutions.

Implement even just one or two of these ingenious hacks this weekend to create a laundry room you love. Because let’s be honest – if you’re folding hundreds of socks in a room, it might as well spark joy!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best paint colors for a small laundry room?

Opt for light, neutral colors like white, light grey, or beige, which reflect light and make the room appear larger. Bold accent walls in aqua or sage green add vibrancy without closing in the space.

Where should the washer and dryer be located?

Position the washer and dryer along the same wall to maximize open floor space. Place near water lines and vents to avoid expensive plumbing or ductwork changes.

What type of flooring works best in laundry rooms?

Water-resistant luxury vinyl plank flooring or porcelain tile withstands spills and drips while providing cushioning and style. Use a rug for softness underfoot.

How much lighting is needed in a laundry room?

Include layers of light for functionality and ambiance. Uplighting, undercabinet lighting, and overhead fixtures ensure adequate task illumination, while sconces provide decorative flair.

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