9 Must-Have Elements for an Enchanting Vintage Bathroom

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A vintage clawfoot bathtub with ornate metal legs and a porcelain finishfeat

Vintage aesthetics have been making a significant comeback in home decor, and bathrooms are no exception. The charm of old-world elegance has captured the hearts of many homeowners who seek to create unique, timeless spaces that evoke nostalgia and warmth. Incorporating vintage elements into a bathroom transformation can be a powerful way to achieve an enchanting atmosphere that stands out from the crowd.

Imagine stepping into a bathroom that transports you back in time, where every detail exudes sophistication and character. By carefully selecting and integrating these must-have elements, you can create a vintage bathroom that is both charming and practical. Let’s explore the nine essential components that will help you achieve an enchanting vintage bathroom transformation.

Classic Clawfoot Tub

The classic clawfoot tub is a quintessential element in vintage bathroom transformations. These freestanding bathtubs have been a staple in traditional bathroom designs since their introduction in the mid-1800s. Originally designed as a luxury item for wealthy households, clawfoot tubs remain popular among homeowners who want to add a touch of elegance and timeless charm to their bathrooms.

When choosing a clawfoot tub, consider the style and material best suits your vintage aesthetic. Traditional clawfoot tubs come in various styles, including roll-top, ball-and-claw, and lion’s paw. Cast iron tubs are the most authentic and durable option, while steel and acrylic tubs are lighter and easier to install.

Clawfoot tub in traditional bathroom

Clawfoot tubs can seamlessly blend into modern bathroom designs, as evidenced by examples showcasing a rustic chic look, a contemporary twist, and an eclectic mix of styles. Incorporating a clawfoot tub into your vintage bathroom transformation will create a focal point that immediately sets the tone for the entire space.

Pedestal Sinks

Pedestal sinks have been a staple in vintage bathrooms for decades due to their timeless appeal. Unlike modern vanities with built-in storage or countertops, pedestal sinks stand alone, leaving more room for other decorative elements. This minimalist approach aligns perfectly with the vintage aesthetic, and the high-quality materials often used, such as porcelain, marble, or glass, add to their classic charm.

When selecting a pedestal sink for your vintage bathroom, consider the material and design that best complement the overall style. A white porcelain pedestal sink would fit seamlessly into a traditional vintage setting, while a glass one might be better suited for a more contemporary look. Ensure the sink’s size, height, and overall aesthetic work harmoniously with your bathroom design.

Pedestal sink in vintage bathroom

Real-life examples showcase the versatility of pedestal sinks in vintage bathrooms. A marble pedestal sink paired with gold hardware creates a luxurious, old-world vibe, while an elegant antique pedestal sink in a powder room adds character to the space. A glass pedestal sink with a traditional faucet brings both style and functionality to a vintage bathroom.

Subway Tiles

Subway tiles have been a staple in bathroom design since their introduction in the early 20th century. These small, rectangular tiles were originally used in New York City’s subways to cover walls and floors. Still, they quickly gained popularity due to their durability, ease of cleaning, and affordable price point. Today, subway tiles remain a popular choice for vintage bathroom transformations.

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There are several options to consider when it comes to color and layout choices for subway tiles in vintage bathrooms. While traditional subway tiles are typically white, you can also incorporate colors like black and white to create a classic, timeless look. Alternatively, pastel shades or bold colors can introduce a pop of personality into your bathroom design.

Subway tile bathroom walls

The arrangement of subway tiles can also contribute to the vintage aesthetic. Common layouts include:

  • Stacking them vertically (a brick bond pattern).
  • Laying them horizontally (a running bond pattern).
  • Creating a herringbone pattern.

Each arrangement offers a unique aesthetic that can complement different vintage design styles.

Examples of subway tiles in vintage bathroom designs showcase their versatility. A black and white subway tile floor adds a touch of elegance, while pastel-colored subway tiles can make a statement without overwhelming the space. A herringbone pattern created with subway tiles brings a sense of symmetry and order to a vintage bathroom.

Hexagon Floor Tiles

Hexagon floor tiles have long been associated with vintage bathroom designs, dating back to the Victorian era and continuing through the Art Deco period. These unique tiles add a touch of elegance and sophistication to the space, making them a must-have element for any vintage bathroom renovation project.

When selecting colors and patterns for your hexagon floor tiles, consider your vintage bathroom’s overall style and theme. Opt for classic black and white tiles or a subtle floral pattern for a more traditional Victorian look. If you aim for a modern Art Deco feel, consider bold geometric patterns or bright colors like teal or turquoise.

Hexagon tile bathroom floor

Case studies of bathrooms that combine hexagon tiles with other vintage elements showcase the transformative power of this design choice. The black and white hexagon tiles in a Victorian-inspired bathroom create a classic look that pairs perfectly with the freestanding bathtub and brass fixtures. In an Art Deco-style bathroom, the hexagon tiles are used alongside a bold geometric pattern on the walls, resulting in a stylish and sophisticated space that exudes elegance and charm.

Remember to choose high-quality materials and craftsmanship when incorporating hexagon floor tiles into your vintage bathroom transformation. This will ensure durability and longevity, allowing your enchanting vintage bathroom to stand the test of time.

Vintage Light Fixtures

The right lighting can significantly enhance the vintage ambiance in your bathroom transformation. Vintage light fixtures, such as chandeliers, pendant lights, and wall sconces, can add character and warmth to your space.

When selecting vintage light fixtures for your bathroom, consider the style and material best suits your desired aesthetic. Chandeliers can create a grand entrance into the bathroom, while pendant lights provide direct illumination over sinks and vanities. Wall sconces can be used on either side of a mirror or above a tub to create a cozy, ambient glow.

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Vintage bathroom light fixture

Pay attention to the details of each:

  1. An authentic vintage feel. 
  2. Opt for vintage-style bulbs, such as Edison bulbs, to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. 
  3. Consult with an electrician to ensure your vintage light fixtures are safely installed, as older homes may not have the necessary wiring for modern fixtures.
  4. Examples of vintage bathrooms that showcase the impact of lighting are inspiring. A bathroom featuring a chandelier and wall sconces creates a warm and inviting atmosphere, while a vintage pendant light above the sink adds a touch of elegance to the space. A vintage floor lamp provides additional light and a charming touch to the overall design.

Antique Mirrors

Antique mirrors play a crucial role in creating an enchanting vintage bathroom transformation. They add depth and character and contribute significantly to enhancing bathroom lighting and space.

When choosing an antique mirror for your bathroom, consider size, style, and material. Opt for ornate frames or those adorned with intricate patterns to complement the vintage aesthetic. Additionally, consider your bathroom’s existing color scheme and choose a mirror that complements it. A gold or silver frame will work well if your bathroom has a neutral color palette.

Antique mirror in bathroom

Mirrors reflect light and make a room appear brighter, which is particularly beneficial in a small bathroom. They can also create the illusion of more space by reflecting the surrounding area. Mirrors can serve as a focal point in a vintage bathroom, especially when paired with other vintage elements like clawfoot tubs or pedestal sinks.

Examples of antique mirrors in vintage bathroom designs include the ornate Golden Age mirror, the gilded Lacquer & Gold Wall Mirror, and the distressed Victoria Vanity Mirror. These pieces not only add visual interest but also contribute to the space’s overall vintage ambiance.

Traditional Faucets and Hardware

Traditional faucets and hardware play a significant role in creating an authentic vintage bathroom transformation. These elements add charm and character to your space, making it feel like a step back.

Vintage bathroom designs often feature faucets with traditional or antique aesthetics, such as bridge faucets with two handles and a long spout or wall-mounted faucets installed directly onto the wall. When selecting faucets and hardware for your vintage bathroom, consider materials like brass, copper, and chrome, as they evoke an old-world charm. Finishes like antique brass, polished nickel, and oil-rubbed bronze are popular.

Traditional faucet in bathroom

Incorporating traditional faucets and hardware into your vintage bathroom renovation can result in a stunning transformation. Examples include a bridge faucet with a polished nickel finish that complements the vintage style, a wall-mounted faucet with an antique brass finish that adds to the rustic charm, and a pedestal sink with a bridge faucet that creates a classic and timeless look.

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By carefully selecting these vintage-inspired fixtures and hardware, you can enhance the overall aesthetic of your bathroom and transport your guests back in time.

Wooden Accents

Wood adds warmth and authenticity to a vintage bathroom, making it feel cozy and inviting. When incorporating wooden accents into your vintage bathroom transformation, consider using waterproof materials like teak or bamboo to ensure functionality without compromising the aesthetic.

Striking the right balance between rustic and refined is crucial when selecting wooden elements for your vintage bathroom. Opt for clean lines and simple designs to avoid excessive rusticity while maintaining an authentic, vintage charm.

Wooden accent in bathroom

Case studies showcasing wooden accents in vintage bathrooms inspire. A vintage bathroom renovation features teak cabinets that add warmth and depth to the space, while a 19th-century farmhouse bathroom incorporates reclaimed wood vanities for an organic and earthy aesthetic. Bamboo flooring, used in a Victorian-style bathroom, adds a touch of natural elegance and timelessness to the room.

In addition to wooden vanities and flooring, consider incorporating other wooden accents, such as vintage towel holders or repurposed furniture pieces, to enhance the overall vintage feel of your bathroom.

Decorative Accessories

The final step in achieving an enchanting vintage bathroom transformation is through thoughtfully selected decorative accessories. These elements add character and charm, elevating the overall aesthetic of your space.

Incorporate vintage-inspired items such as antique mirrors or framed mirrors with intricate designs, vintage-style light fixtures like chandeliers or wall sconces, and vintage towels with embroidery or lace trims. Wicker baskets, woven storage containers, and vintage-style soap dishes or toothbrush holders can also contribute to the vintage ambiance.

To maintain a clean and uncluttered look, consider using wall-mounted shelves or floating cabinets to maximize space. Opt for minimalist designs that don’t overwhelm the small bathroom. Choose multi-functional pieces, like a bench seat with storage compartments, and display only a few select items at once, rotating them regularly.

Decorative accessories in bathroom

Inspirational examples of accessorized vintage bathrooms showcase the transformative power of these decorative touches. A vintage bathroom featuring a floral-patterned sink skirt, a vintage mirror, and a collection of vintage perfume bottles on a shelf exudes charm and character. An elegant vintage bathroom adorned with a vintage-style rug, a vintage vanity table, and a crystal chandelier radiates sophistication.


Integrating these nine must-have elements into a bathroom renovation project can transform your space into an enchanting vintage oasis. Each component is crucial in creating a cohesive and authentic vintage aesthetic, from the classic clawfoot tub and pedestal sinks to the timeless subway tiles and hexagon floor patterns.

Incorporating vintage fixtures, lighting, mirrors, and wooden accents further enhances the overall charm, while carefully selected decorative accessories add the finishing touches to your vintage bathroom transformation. By blending functionality and aesthetics, you can create a space that not only looks beautiful but also effectively serves its purpose.

As you embark on your vintage bathroom transformation, I encourage you to explore your creativity and personal style within the vintage aesthetic. Share your enchanting creations with us, and let’s celebrate the timeless beauty of vintage-inspired bathroom design together.

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